3D Modelling

Use your left mouse button to rotate the 3D model in the window and the centre mouse wheel to zoom in or out. If you are viewing on a tablet or mobile device, please use your index finger to rotate the model and your index finger and thumb in a pinching movement to zoom in and out.


Predator Incursion transport

For Gydran Miniatures

Created as a part of our digital downloads range for the Breaching the Rift Universe. This model comes straight out of the pages of “Shadow Raid” written by Peter Grehan for Gydran Miniatures. Originally planned to become a physical product, the decision was made to release it digitally as a part of the test run of models that it accompanies.


Tripod, War Machine

For Rapier Miniatures

This beast of a model was commissioned to be printed in both 15mm and 28mm scale. The model will be one of the largest miniatures for wargaming that we have had the pleasure to work on for our clients and we look forward to seeing it printed.


Delgon Heavy KalMalog Walker

For Twilight Miniatures

This is a collaborative sculpt with Mike Thorp from Twilight miniatures. He designed the Heavy KalMalog Walker for his World of Twilight setting and commissioned us to sculpt the mechanical portion. Once we have the legs printed he’s planning to sculpt the ‘driver’ traditionally. This has been a fun project to engage with.